1 I want to provide feedback

Please send an email on

2 Can I edit my order?

The order can not be edited once the order is placed.

3 I want to cancel my order

We will do our best to accommodate your request within five minutes of the order being placed. Please note that we will have a right to charge a cancellation fee up to full order value to compensate our HomeChef and delivery partners if your order has been confirmed.

4 Is there a minimum order value?

We have no minimum order value and you can order for any amount.

5 Do you charge for delivery?

Yes, delivery fee varies based on the distance.

6 What are your delivery hours?

Souled Out delivers from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. The user will get a specific timeslot to choose at the time of the checkout. Sometimes, very rarely, we are unable to deliver on special occasions and festivals. In such cases, you will not be able to choose the said day for delivery on our website or app.

7 Do you support bulk orders?

Yes, you can reach out to us on or call on our customer care number 7022596310 and we will try to take it up on case to case basis.

8 Can I change the address / number?

Any major change in delivery address is not possible after you have placed an order with us. However, slight modifications like changing the flat number, street name, landmark etc. are allowed. If you have received delivery executive details, you can directly call him, else you could contact our customer service team.

9 I want an invoice for my order

The invoice is emailed to the customers after successful confirmation of every order.

10 Can I Order for Today's delivery?

It depends on whether the chef accepts pre-orders for the same day delivery. You will be able to see that in the "homecooked meals" listing page.

11 Can I pay by cash on delivery?

We currently don’t offer a cash payment option. Due to the current Covid crisis, many places are still not admitting external agents into their compounds, for that reason we will are not enabling COD as of now.

12 By when can I expect my refund?

If we had it our way, you would get your refund the day it is sanctioned. However, we can refund your payment only as soon as the payment gateway / wallet permits, or as soon as the COD is received by the accounts department

13 Did not receive OTP?

Please check if your app is due for an update. If not, please share the details via or call the customer care 7022596310.

14 Do you accept Sodexo, Ticket Restaurant etc.?

We do not accept Sodexo vouchers but we do accept Sodexo card. You can select the Sodexo card option while selecting payment options at the time of order

1 How do I register to be a homechef on Souled out?

Just send us an email on with the subject line "Homechef enquiry - [Mention Your Name]". Kindly provide the following details:

  1. Your full name
  2. Mobile number
  3. Your location

Alternatively you can connect by clicking the link in the website footer "Are you a home chef? Join us" Post sending this email, someone from the team will reach out to you to take the process forward

2 What is the process to start serving the meal on Souled out?

Ours is a very straightforward and simple process which involves the following:

  • Step 1: Send us an email as mentioned above
  • Step 2: A Souled Out representative will reach out to you to get some additional information
  • Step 3: We will conduct a tasting session wherein you would be requested to send us some of your signature dishes for a trial
  • Step 4: On completion of a successful trial, you will be on-boarded onto Souled Out Delivery as a home-chef
3 I would want the freedom to chose the days as per my convinience for providing meal on Souled out.

Yes of course it is okay. This model has been built keeping your convenience in mind. The flexibility is limitless; you decide:

  1. Which days you want to cook
  2. What dishes you want to cook
  3. How many meals you want to cook on a single day
  4. Whether you want to provide lunch or dinner or both
  5. Whether you want to provide meals for 1 person or for 2 as well
  6. Your price!!
4 How do I decide pricing for my meals?

While the prerogative to determine and fix pricing of meals sits completely with the home-chef, we are always available to guide you on pricing. Just reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

5 How many orders can we get in a day or a week?

It’s hard to predict how many orders you receive. Souled Out works hard to promote all our chefs equally but we’ve seen that some get more orders than others. Overall, simple market dynamics apply!

6 How to upload the menu & pictures?

Souledout will provide the guidance. Uploading your menu becomes really easy when you are organized and the team is on standby to help you at all points.

7 How can we get maximum orders?

Put up amazing pictures, keep your prices low, keep your minimum orders low, promote yourself on social media and get your friends and customers to review your food on your Souled Out profile

8 Any support provided for packaging or packaging material?

Souled out will provide the general guidelines and can help to procure the packaging material.

9 What if I cancel the order after accepting the order?

The penalty charge will be levied as per the agreement.


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