Whole Wheat Mug Brownie Mix

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Combining the decadence of chocolate with the goodness of whole wheat, we bring you the healthy brownie mix, which has no refined sugar. All you need is a mug, vanilla essence, milk and a flavourless oil to whip up this brownie in under one minute in the microwave oven

Price : ₹ 200

Whole Wheat Mug Brownie Mix

Sneha Rao

Sneha Rao, has always been an adventurous foodie, and has spent her leisure time on travel, looking for new culinary experiences. Her brand, Infinity Gourmet, is her effort to spread the joy through her culinary efforts, for everyone to enjoy healthy and nutritious food from around the world. She cooks with whole grains, less or no sugar, kid friendly and with innovative recipes. Her offerings include Italian sauces, oriental culinary pastes, spreads and nut butters, whole grain premixes, apart from a wide range of healthy bakes.

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How it work?

  • Perfectly portioned
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Easy to follow recipe sheet
  • Minimum effort cooking
  • Eco-friendly packaging


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