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A Cookbook for the Ages

Season and taste – Two humble words found in every recipe and cookbook. Do we attach enough importance to these aspects of cooking? I didn’t. Till I read the book, ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ by Samin Nosrat. An English major from San Diego, California, Samin had grown up eating mainly Iranian cuisine. In fact, she […]

Decoding The Food Trends of 2020

In Jan this year, a new trend started making its way around TikTok and Instagram – a chilled glass of milk topped with a tall golden foam. Dalgona Coffee had been introduced to the world and it defined lockdown glamour. From the young to the old, everyone wanted in on the craze. Originally referring to […]

Master Chef Makers

Among the most notable oddities twenty twenty has brought along has been the shutting down of restaurants. As a result, many turned to pots and pans in an effort to recreate some restaurant staples. Thanks to the multitude of talented chefs across the world who made their knowledge freely available on the internet, this was […]