As many restaurants shut down due to the pandemic, we were forced to get innovative to sate our cravings for good food. Wary of ordering in as the invisible threat of the virus loomed large, we felt more comfortable cooking it ourselves or ordering special dishes from Home Chefs who were cooking in sanitized kitchens in the safety of their homes. We started looking forward to WhatsApp messages from different chefs offering varieties. The absence of a consolidated platform listing all the Home Chefs operating in the city had the makings of an opportunity we couldn’t resist. Then, we went a step ahead. What if we were to offer ‘Do It Yourself’ meal kits too? We take away the hassle of grocery shopping and the laborious task of cutting and chopping, leaving the customer with the satisfaction of bringing it all together by following the laid down recipe. The pre portioned kit would ensure minimal wastage and consistent results every single time.

Thus, Souled Out was born in the midst of the lockdown when thoughts of dining out were a lost dream but the taste buds tingled with longing. A project fueled by necessity and pursued with passion, Souled Out is a combination of our aspiration to offer customers an array of delicacies to choose from while giving talented Home Chefs a space to showcase their culinary skills.

Owing to the cosmopolitan nature of our city, people from different parts of the country call Bangalore home. As a result, we have chefs from diverse ethnicities wanting to popularize their native foods. Since the safest way to travel during these restricting times is through your taste buds, our variety is the answer to your culinary wanderlust.

A one stop shop for ordering hygienic and tasty food from across the city and an avenue to make you feel like a star chef thanks to our DIY Meal Kits, Souled Out is a step into the post pandemic world where dining options are no longer restricted.


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